Deborah's sensitive, intimate vision brings a fresh quality to her photographic artwork. Whether photographing the impact of life-changing events, the simple grace of a spring bloom, or the discovery of everyday surroundings, her creative eye captures the essence of her subject. This creative expression comes from an innate sense of
finding the extraordinary in the natural.

Deborah originally began her artistry in the Dallas/Fort Worth area in 1983.
With an intense love of the ocean, she lived in San Diego, California from 1995 thru 2005,
gaining eleven years of photographic art experience, working on the beach, and
expanding her knowledge with some of Southern California's best photographers.
A three-time breast cancer survivor, Deborah has recently
returned to her true Texan roots to be close to family once again.
With consistant availability both in North Central Texas and Southern California,
Deborah has included community projects, such as Campfire Kids, Special Olympics,
Deaf Women United, Alzheimer's Association, Canine Companions, Looks Like Me,
and Women in Spiritual Practice in her repertoire over the years.

Her work has also been displayed in art shows among the country's top photographers, earning her recognition and award, in particular from Fuji and Polaroid. In addition to being a personable portrait and celebration photographer, Deborah is also a fine art photographer and web designer, as well as teacher for others in all her areas of experience.

As an active member of Women in Creative Photography, Deborah is one of twenty members who participated in a book project to benefit the Foundation for Women. One of her favorite images, "baby julia" is published in this book, entitled "Collective Visions". Deborah's artistic expression continues to expand through the experimentation with various artistic techniques, allowing her to express a deeper vision.

Deborah's personal Journey -
Part 1, 1998-2005...

LymphEdema, Life AFTER BC, 2008-present - Part 3
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